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Different ways to reuse old towels


Towels are of many types- fluffy, printed, solid, small, big, and so on. We all use towels everyday for bath and other purposes. But, what about those towels which gets worn out, get holes, colour fades away and becomes hard? Shaadimagic has come up with some uses of old towels. The uses are endless, just keep reading!


Baby Wipes

Different ways to reuse old towels
Now don’t spend money on those baby wipes available in the market. Make your own baby wipes by cutting them into squares and place them in an empty baby wipe box. Now add homemade baby wipe solution by mixing baby wash, water and coconut oil.

Cleaning cloths

Different ways to reuse old towels
Make good use of your ratty towels by making some homemade cleaning cloths. Cut them into big squares and clean up those nasty, grimy residues from your toilets, counters, floors, etc. Paper towels and cloth towels are expensive, also after you are done with the cleaning, you anyway throw them away. These cleaning clothes can we reused again by washing them with a detergent.

Kids apron

Different ways to reuse old towels
Instead of buying aprons for your kids, cut them to make a DIY kids craft apron at home. When kids do craft work, everything gets messy, even their outfits. So, make a simple crafts apron with worn out towels.


Different ways to reuse old towels
It is one of the interesting way to up cycle ratty towels. Cut your towels into squares and sew them together. Now add a fabric as a lining and quilt batting. It is budget friendly and simple to make. Just Ray out now!

Rag rug

Different ways to reuse old towels
Old towels can be made into bath rugs. You just have to cut strips of towels and sew them together to make a rug. Towels absorb moisture that come along with our body after shower. Place them outside your bathroom or in kitchen. You can also try adding coloured towels to make a vibrant bath rug.

Baby bibs

Different ways to reuse old towels
If you have a baby then you can make a good use of old towels. Cut small circular pieces of towels and add a strip to tie them around the neck of your baby. Add some accent like cloth cartoon characters to make it more interesting.

Now instead of throwing your old and worn out towels, make good use of them by trying these awesome ideas. Save money and make you life more simple.

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