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Designer Blouse Patterns To Compliment Your Sarees


Sarees play a pivotal role in promoting femininity, fragility and sexuality. What compliments the saree is the blouse and it is the most important part of this Indian ensemble. No matter how beautiful a saree is the beauty and elegance of this Indian traditional women’s wear pops out only when the saree is matched with an appropriate blouse with a perfect fit.

Other things too matter is how you pair it, what accessories you wear with the blouse, hairstyles to show off the lovely back design, and what embellishments you choose for the saree blouse styles. Blouse is such a part of the sari, that it alone can make a great difference by its cut and design. Here are some trending blouse patterns that can flatter your saree look:


A backless blouse is created to show a bare back. It is most commonly worn on formal occasions or events. A slim wearer makes it look much appealing effect. The backless style is also found in the choli, worn by Indian women along with saris. The back is either “partially exposed” with a low cut or “fully exposed” by use of strings at the top and waist or just waist depending to comfort line of the designers creation on this blouse.

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These are running in high trend currently, with several different collar neck patterns to suit sarees. The stand collar neckline, the high collar and the flap collars look sophisticated and classy with saree, either for parties or for casual formal look. Designers use more necklines combined to create a new look, with an open placket collar in v-neck or u-neck, a front key hole with collar neck with flap, band or stand collar.


These are asymmetrical necklines that go across the shoulder diagonally, usually from one shoulder to the back. As Off-shoulder necklines which may be one shoulder or one sleeve pattern. Creative work pattern and cutwork or a jacquard net on one shoulder or sleeve may be used to give designer fusion.

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Halter neck style is a style which holds up the front with straps at the back of the neck tied up. It could be a single strap or more to hold up the blouse giving comfort without armhole section. The back side has a simple lower back covering in a thick or thin strap horizontal look. Fancy blouses are worn in halter neckline at events as it looks ravishing and glamorous.


This can be an ideal blouse design or pattern for healthy girls as the definitive deep V cut shall elaborate your back and make it look real nice. Designers have been considering this as a trendy yet traditional blouse pattern which shall elongate the height of your backside.


These backlines are seen in a form of a keyhole image, in a centre hollow portion at the back. It may be a simple slit at centre line. The split is usually, secured at its top with a hook and eye or loop and button. Widely in the drop shape is more popular, and other shapes of oval, round, or diamond but now designers brought in new fashion cuts as well modifying the shape still keeping the hollowness a creative blouse neckline.


This is the bold look blouse pattern. Every body type looks good in this blouse. This blouse pattern gives a diva look with comfort giving low back pattern. It’s almost a backless blouse but designed to comfort the wearer at its own way by tying up a knot to hold in place at the back, in a bow, or simple knot styling up simple blouse necklines.


These necklines are much in today, for their look combined for transparency and work. Or a classic styled formal saree look with this neckline blouse. A boat neck is a wide neckline that runs from one shoulder point to the other in a slight round to straight curve, front and back. It is a covering neckline with sleeves patterns widely accepted. These are the basic boat neck style.

The best part about these blouses is they can make any boring saree look simply flattering. So next time you have a saree you don’t like, see to it that you have a sexy yet trendy matching blouse to the saree.

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