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Common Changes in Men after Marriage


We have always heard a woman saying about Life has changed after marriage, It is no more the carefree life and stuff. But it is not just changed for the girl, but guys too. No doubt we hear often girls saying ‰”He was different before marriage, but don‰t know he has changed a lot post-wedding‰”.

No doubt about the fact that the bond which marriage brings between two souls is precious, beautiful and incomparable. But with the bond, come some promises, compromises and even changes. These changes are just not seen in the person’s living style, but their behavior too. Some might be negative, but some are positive too. The key to a happy wedded life is accepting the odds and enjoys the positives. Yes, you will end up seeing the changes in your husband after marriage and you dont know what exactly to do or say. Girls, we are here to prepare you for all the general changes you can see in your beloved guy to be prepared and handle him with the husband tag accordingly.

No Show off, Real Pictures is in front

Before marriage, you had the liberty to generally show off by hiding your weak points but after marriage, the reality is right in front with no scope of hiding or lies. The best way to deal with this situation is to accept the changes and learn to adapt with it. There will be habits of your husband you might not like or not known before, but pinpointing out every moment will bring arguments in the general course of the day. But if you can just not stand it, talk it out politely and let him know how you feel and why he should change it.

Lesser or No efforts to put in to look good/ fit


Men from the beginning are known for their carefree attitude. If you thought your guy would think and feel to invest time and energy on staying fit and healthy after marriage, guess, you are expecting a lot from them. Because marriage brings a lot of responsibility so more stress and no time to put in for fitness. His shape going hay way is what you should be prepared for.

Fading relationship charm


If must have had the best surprise days or the best gift ever days by your beloved, but after marriage, be prepared for these things to slowly fade away. This doesn‰’t mean he‰’s bored of you, men has taken you for granted or the max, he doesn‰’t love you anymore like before. All it means it that if he cannot gift you often or bring home flowers or surprise you, it is just that he has many more responsibilities to fulfill than these and at that moment, he doesn’t feel these gestures are the most important need.

Short of words/conversations

They say The courtship period is the best time in a relationship. Probably what they say is correct because that time the duo will love to share anything and everything, even the silly dream. But after marriage, couples do become lazy on talking out every small stuff or daily chores they deal with. When you live together, you reduce on sharing everything with each other. Girls, you don‰’t have to think he doesn‰’t want to share or hide with you.

Increase of Stress


Marriage brings a whole lot of financial responsibility for men. As men are considered the earner of the house, they feeling stressed thinking about work, money, family, future and going silent or irritated is very natural. Make sure you don‰’t consider it a big change in him, but talk it out so he can share his heart out with you. A sincere advice, stop cribbing over the financial issues rather be his support in whatever way you can.

Being organized is the new way


It is a true fact that a house looks at home with a girl in the family. Be it a mother or a wife, a home is incomplete without them. With them as a part of the family, things are cleaner, organized and easy to manage. Men generally are easy going and not caring about their messy bedrooms before marriage but post wedding, things change with the girl sharing the same bedroom. It looks organized and systematic and gradually, men for their surprise are organized as well.

Patience is the key to Happiness


Generally, a guy has to balance between a mother and a wife in his daily times. Some guys can handle it well, but for some it is a difficult task. They can‰’t say no to their mother who gave him birth and groomed him and they don‰’t want to hurt their wife who has just entered a new family life. All they can do is be patient and understand the situation. Mold it accordingly to handle the situation for happiness in the family.

Responsible days as regular days


Similar to the changes in a girl‰’s life, guys also feel the change from the carefree days to the responsible days. It brings of not able to join friends for a night out immediately because their main concern will be to be with their beloved at the end of the day and not hanging around with your bachelor friends. But if the girl understands, living some days like your bachelor days, even after marriage is no harm but enjoyable too.

So Men and Girls there, the changes are not restricted to girls only, but men too belong to that category. If you think these changes have changed your life tremendously, be happy that maybe you are a better person than before now, with a lot more patience, organized behavior and responsible attitude. Enjoy it and be happy for it!

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