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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Being Single


Are you  single and not finding any date for this Valentine’s Day? Aww, we get that. So what if it isn’t really a Valentine’s Day for you this 14th February? It is a day meant to be enjoyed and you are going to however enjoy it because it is falling on Sunday this year.

So all the single peeps out there cheer up because we have some super cool yet crazy ideas for you to celebrate this Valentine’s Day being single!

Here we go:


valentines day, valentines day, valentines for single
Plan a reunion.

We are sure you might be having a bunch of pals who too are single like you. So why don’t you cal out some friends or colleagues or even cousins, whom you haven’t met for such long. This would be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, living the olden days yet again.


valentines day, valentines day, valentines for single
Go Shopping

Hee Hee Haa Haa! You need this cruel laughter because when others are going to spend on their partners, you can spend money buying some sexy stuff for yourself. Isn’t it such a wicked idea? Not really, if you were planning to go shopping lately this isn’t a bad idea for you. If you are heading for any wedding shopping keep in mind these tips for an apt trousseau shopping.


valentines day, valentines day, valentines for single
Family get to gather.

Since it is a Sunday, most of your family members would be free and available. So why not plan out a get to gather few days prior to the Valentine’s Day? Especially this plan can help you ruin Valentine’s plan of many of your cousins, as we are sure their parents might not let them be absent at the family function. How cruel right?


valentines day, valentines day, valentines for single
Treat yourself.

After having a wonderful time shopping for yourself, you should go out for a mind boggling dining at any of the best fine dines. You can let yourself get treated to the best of delicious recipes and sumptuous food on the Valentine’s Day. Well, you can also go out at these romantic places in Delhi for a self date.


valentines day, valentines day, valentines for single
Drive out..

Are you crazily in love with your bike or car? And do you love to sync the clutch, gear and accelerator? Then what are you waiting for, this Valentine’s Day just get set on a journey to some nearest place and enjoy the beautiful weather and the Sunday. This can help you escape the daily life blues, and you will feel better.


valentines day, valentines day, valentines for single
Clean your house.

We know this is quite unusual but dare you call it boring or sad. Psychology says that when you clean a particular object, especially something that takes a lot of time, you are cleaning your mind and soul at the same time. So you can detox your mind and body by cleaning your house this Valentine’s.

So now please do not sit at home and cry over the fact that you aren’t committed, neither do criticize the much in love couples. Enjoy it to the fullest and Happy Valentine’s to you in advance!

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By Savnee Shivalkar

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