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Bridal Attire Budget That Bride Must Know

The most important preparation for bride is her wedding dress and jewelry for the wedding day, reception and post-wedding party. If you can afford and spend anything in anyway that costs essential for your wedding, then you are truely lucky with lesser hassles. ShaadiMagic guides that – while you plan your bridal attire with the help of this image make sure you do plan it for each and every event of your wedding like dress and jewelry for the wedding, reception and party.

Wedding Dress

Along with the preparation towards the wedding plans like wedding venue and destination wedding, the bridal attire with costings is the last planning. In terms of bridal dress whether its bridal lehenga choli , bridal saree or a bridal gown can cost approximately 10,000 to 50,000. So, as a bride you can buy or get it done from designer or designer boutiques. There are varied style of wonderful bridal dress within Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 as well, that you can get it right away for the very special day. As a bride to be, you must grab the opportunity of offers and deals that are available online on some days and other festive days.



Most of the short height bride to be loves to buy and wear footwears with unique style and design that are much in trend. If you are looking for a comfortable footwears, then you get from Rs. 500 to 3000 itself. Online buying can be the right option only if you have ever placed an order for footwear that fits you right and if you are very clear with the your footwear size and design that can suit your leg and feet. And if you have a mind built up to spend any cost for footwear then do visit the footwear boutiques that are much popular around the nearby market.



Most of the families prefer buying the jewelry from the personalized jewellers or from the regular jewelry stores. But one can really make a visit to the famous jewelry gallery that provides the jewelry schemes with cash back policies. It is really worth to invest through these schemes just like the fixed deposit policies in the bank. Makesure you select an appropriate design that suits your face shape and wedding dress. As you can get pretty pieces of jewelry collection that cost approximately Rs. 5000 to 20,000 of 22 to 24 carat gold as well diamond jewelry too. You can buy the diamond jewelry and platinum jewelry online with an affordable price.


Mehndi design and the styles in it revolved so fast that they may cost you till 8,000 rupees for the bride. Whereas, in reality the mehndi design and application cost just Rs.1000 to 5000 only which is more than enough than spending extra money. Also, be clear with the mehndi designer charges and application of mehndi as some mehndi designer count down the cost of palm, elbow, and feet each differently. So, do cross question them what apllication cost over all cost and what parts of bridal will be covered on the basis of type of design.


Hair & Makeup

The approximate cost of hair makeover and beauty is Rs. 5000 to 50,000. As for sitting of per person that charges Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 can turn out to be the top famous makeup artist for your wedding. Whereas, cost of 10,000 is a generally applicable by almost all the beauticians nearby you and your town. Also, you can’t stick to a cost like 10,000 as your hair and makeup may require more things as bride. For example you may require little skin treatments. So, think wisely as some of the cost may increase upto 2,000 to 3,000 rupees.

So, all you need to pen down all the above points with an intelligent money investment for your complete bridal attire for the engagement, haldi, mehendi, wedding, and reception day as well as for your post-wedding party. You can also consider a low cost budget for things like footwear, mehendi, hair and makeup. As mehendi is not something that you can keep it stable for 1 year while footwear max to max 6 months.

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