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Become a Fairy with these white bridal outfits


We have read and heard about this German fairy tale of snow white. We really don’t mean to connect the entire story with any bride, but all we want to state is that every bride is the snow white in her own life. No matter the world has a different point of view for your skin color, as you are beautiful with your inner soul. And that is the reason we are here to make your day special. Today, ShaadiMagic has got some of the most beautiful pairs of outfit for the wedding through which you are nevertheless than a snow white. Plan a wedding outfit in these white colors that represents you like an Indian bridal snow white.

White Lehenga Choli

Beautiful White Lehnga choli

 Glam doll in White Lehenga Choli

Yes! This beautiful height of model and actress has perfectly presented her white lehenga choli with perfect flaws and moves. She has featured and carried the dress rightly with that kind of Indian style of women. You must admit that this bridal white is marvelous for your wedding as a bride. It is just stunning with the studs and design that can surely gear up like an Indian bridal snow white.

White beautiful sleveless lehnga

Lace Lehenga Choli: The new wedding dress for the Princess look

The lace vestment lehenga choli has made its way within a period of time as a trend and so you can have this plunging neckline as wedding outfit. The knitted cotton thread around the dupatta and the between the long skirt is an interesting collaboration designed for the bride. This different lace structured Indian bridal dress oozes out everyone compliment and appreciation. Hence, it is right for your wedding.

Indian White Gowns

Pretty White Wedding Gown for a Prettier You

This is one of our favourite wedding outfit that we would surely love to have it and recommend you as well. So far we knew gowns as a traditional wedding outfit in the western world. But now Indians too can have a gown of Indian designs embroidery. Wow! The girl in this image has made her statement in Indian bridal white gown with all those sumptuous Indian bangles and jewelries. Again, a lace threads knitted design at the upper body top and same at the below that looks beautifully hidden behind that netted layers. Ah! Looks like a perfect Indian snow white or an Indian princess.

white gown with golden work

An Indian Bridal Gown is Trending

Again, the second one with gold embroidery designs embellished at the top ending near your buttock and then you can see the wavy frock below that deep down from behind. Loved this pretty bridal white sleeveless armed gown; that does not have much to elaborate because at times light simple dress aligns well enough with the jewelry that you choose to wear for this Indian bridal white gown.

White Anarkali Suit

White anarkali suit

Anarkali Suit: The New Wedding Lehenga of the time

This pleated high-low Anarkali suit of bridal white with a golden patch at bottom grabbed our attention. We find this pretty chic smart and elegant for the wedding. One can have this layered white for the reception and wedding parties. According to our guide, it is good to be worn during the engagement, rituals and for the photography session with your happening hubby. So have this bridal Anarkali for some clicks and occasions.

Beautiful full sleeve anarkali suit

A Full Sleeve Laced Wedding Outfit

One more simple lace bridal white is embellished on the netted piece of Anarkali suit gorgeous for the wedding parties, receptions, rituals and customs of the Indian wedding. Really this piece of dress with design at the top and shoulder covers your neck. It is best suggested to be worn by girls with double cherry also called as hour glass figure, pear-shaped body also called diamond shape and newspaper body also known as rectangle; and even for the ones with cone shape or you can call a strawberry shaped.

Indian White Saree

Beautiful white saree

Bridal Embroidered Lace Saree

Saree is the only wearable outfit in India that shapes your body from top to bottom. Some mischievous and naughty girls like to flaunt their back with the deep blouse and beautiful waistline, oops!  No offence girls because we think you have the right to be flaw full and show it when you own a body look like any model or actress. But yes, not a show off kind but for the wedding day it’s a big must. The image of this bridal white saree with finery lace and an off-white cream thin border is quite dazzling like an Indian snow white bride.

Designer White Blouse

Heavy work blouse with beautiful desizn

Lovely Designer Blouse On Your Wedding

And another way of glamorous look can be possible with the designer bridal white blouse for the saree on the wedding. You can choose a boat neckline blouse or deep neckline blouse or a design at the back as well as per your choice. So, all that you can make your wedding attire happening, by looking for a designer blouse. And that is how you can turn yourself like an Indian snow white bride.

Hope you liked the idea and consider to try these simple bridal white color that can be worn like an Indian snow white of lace detailed design. A unique bride like a fairy in her bridal outfit will be a memorable wedding event for all the viewers and guest, and that’s how you will be inspiring others for their coming wedding. Till the time keep calm and follow ShaadiMagic post, because there are more tips and ideas of mine for the wedding that you will surely love it.

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