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Beauty secrets of B Town Celebs to get that flawless skin


It is very natural that every would be bride always wonder to get that flawless beauty look like the celebrities on their wedding day. While some look actually half their age, such impressive look is not only the secret beauty mantra for the would- be bride, but also the great feeling for the groom getting hooked with that bride. After all, he will feel one proud one to have a celebrity like life partner.

At Shaadimagic, we are helping all the would-be-brides to know some tips about these celebs to get inspiredand be the next one in this list. Read through these celebrity inspired beauty tips and go, get gorgeous.

Deepika Padukone beauty secrets:

Beauty Quote: ‘ A balanced diet is the first step towards a fit and a healthy looking body’.

Skincare Inspiration: Deepika Padukone, the chashmish of YJHD believes in the skin care the natural way. Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water to keep her skin healthy along with daily skin care process includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing is her mantra. Products which aren’t too strong and don’t strip the skin off the proteins are used by her. Going for a relaxed body massage with lukewarm coconut or baby oil every week is her add on. For Her- a healthy diet, skin care, fitness regime- goes hand in hand.

Dream Girl Hema Malini beauty secret:

Wish to look bright like Hema Malini with her flawless and spotless skin, follow her secrets to be the next attractive bride:

Skincare Inspiration: For Dream girl, Hema Malini, drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day to clean the body of toxins is a must. Secondly, good sleep is very essential to keep your body going. Having every food in olive oil keeps her from the fattening oil and restricting her from butter, ghee and stuff. Oiling her hair twice a week and washing it with herbal oil is another beauty secret for her.

Bollywood Star Amrita beauty secrets:

Skincare Inspiration: Know the real secret behind Amrita’s clear skin. A glass of vegetable juice every day is a great thing to detox her skin to glow it automatically. Using cold skimmed milk as a remover or toner helps her for the skin. She uses beet-root to rub on the face and wash before heading towards any party. It makes the skin look healthy and blushed. Try this secret before you hit for the next party!

Attractive eyes Rekha beauty secrets:

Know the real secret of this ageless celeb to follow before your wedding to be the next ageless lady even after 25 years of marriage.

Skin Inspiration: Rekha follows a very simple beauty regime. Apart from the cleaning, toning and moisturizing, to avoid any kind of skin problems, she makes sure to get rid of the makeup before she hits the bed. Using coconut oil and hair packs with egg, curd and honey is the reason behind her beautiful locks. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts is her idea behind staying healthy. Regular exercise, enough water during the day, early dinner and a good peaceful sleep-is the secret behind her fit avatar.

Katrina Kaif beauty Secret:

Which bride doesn’t want to look like Katrina Kaif on her special day? Know her beauty secrets to follow genuinely to be the one-glam doll.

Skin Inspiration: For her, drinking at least 4 glasses of water in the morning is like the best skin treatment any one can give during the beginning of each day. She also takes certain health supplements like wheatgrass powder and Acai berry. Green tea and grilled fish are her favorites to keep her healthy. She even uses mudpacks and beauty oils to keep her skin healthy and away from problems. Inspired? Get all these in your list to be the next Katrina inspired bride on your D-Day!

Aishwarya Rai Beauty Secrets:

Who doesn’t want to get inspired from the Bollywood celeb considered as the world’s most beautiful lady! Know the real beauty secret behind and get inspired.

Skin Inspiration: Eating healthy and exercising daily is her mantra for her beautiful figure. After the essential cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin, Ash also uses some homemade remedies to maintain her skin and hair. She even nourishes her skin with cucumber juice to keep it soothing. Pack containing rice flour to exfoliate along with yogurt to moisturize the skin is like the best pill anyone can take to make her skin flawless looking.

With these celebs skin regime and healthy diets, aren’t you all would be bride highly motivated to get started and be the next star looking girl. We hope these pretty glamorous looking celebs inspired you much to tell you how to keep your health and skin hydrated. Not relying on only beauty products, but shifting to home made remedies, 6-8 glasses of water and good sleep is also enough to keep your skin spotless and flawless looking.

So which celeb beauty inspired you the most to help you follow her skin regime blindly? Let us know if any specific celeb’s skin and beauty secret you would like to that that we might have missed.

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