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Beautiful Reason to choose Young Man


There is a reason why Connie Sumner fell so hot and hard for Paul Martel. Oh, as in Diane Lane for Oliver Martinez in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Unfaithful’. Honestly, we don’t even need to run to the silver screen, there are many real life ‘cougars’ — oh yes, did you also just think of Demi and Ashton, Susan Sarandon and Tim (AND JONATHAN!) JLo and Casper, Mariah and Nick. And, Madonna and Err. Brahim, Jesus Luz, Timor?

And YES how can you miss PRIYANKA CHOPRA and NICK 🙂

We thought, too.

So, what is it really that makes smart, beautiful women fall for much younger man? With the ‘robbing the cradle’ jokes all around the dating market, there are some serious eye opening validations of why women love younger men. ShaadMagic is here to reveal the truth behind it.  And just in case you were guessing, the stamina and ‘re-boot’ ability of younger men doesn’t top the list!

Women, in general, are no longer looking for the picket fence and two cars.farahkhan

Women are progressing in all fields and gaining power and respect professionally. What they are looking for in a man is fun and a sense of adventure. She wants to travel and live life to the fullest. She wants freedom and all of that is a perfect embodiment of a young, free spirited man. Older women, or lovingly called ‘cougars’ want a partner that can bring about all this excitement to her life, while she can provide for themselves financially.

Younger men tend to be more fun.

It is possibly because they are either less focussed or maybe because they haven’t reached that critical point of their career. Either way, these guys are carefree and a lot of fun. They have light spirits and take life easy. They don’t get overburdened or burdened at all by life’s hardships — and THIS can be a complete turn on for older women. Because this brings to their life, what they have been missing!

 She has less expectations.

After having gone through dating and love life of her part, older women understand the importance of having to expect less from any individual. When she meets a young man who is fun and adventurous, she doesn’t want — and perhaps acknowledges the fact that being too demanding or needy won’t work out. This would be a realistic relationship. So, there is personal space for both and this cougar couple is much happier than other conventional couples.

She is still blooming emotionally.

It is very much possible for a woman to have no maturity emotionally despite her age. The reason may be too much focus on career and family previously or a really early relationship. Whatever is the reason, if a woman hasn’t taken the time to assess her underlying emotions, chances are she will end up being with, or attracted to a man who is also trying to figure this out. So, a man who is settled and got this all figured out, doesn’t seem to stand a chance here.

She wants a younger father for her kids.farah with kids

If the lady has put off parenthood in the pursuit of career, she would want to have a younger partner who can handle the kids so that at least one of them can take ‘charge’ of kids. If she gets together with a man of the same age as hers or much older, she knows she will lose control of the kids and that, doesn’t impress her at all.

Younger men have no hang-ups.

Or so she believes. Just as women of all ages are believed to be nit-picking, older men are too — they have the shape and size to their routines and their habits are concrete. As a breath of fresh air, women welcome guys that are flexible.

We are not saying women always want guys who can do as they say. Are we?

Younger men last long.stamina

In bed. Well, we said their stamina doesn’t top the list, so put it at the end! This comes last, but not the least!

So, what are you thinking more? If you are already in trapped with a young man, be happy about it and enjoy the benefits. And if you are in the process to find one, go ahead with the young man without the worry of your age difference with him.

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