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#Be the change: Stop Food Wastage, Feed the Poor


‘You can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one’~ Mother Teresa

As per the recent estimates, India’s total population will reach to around 1.45 billion by the year 2028. Given that, even after a lot of development in our country, what remains same and hasn’t changed are the two major interconnected problems— Hunger on one side and Food Wastage on the other. Our country is already struggling to feed its population, considering its food crisis situation seems to worsen in the coming times.

The vulnerable population of India is constantly facing the problem of poverty and hence, lack of nutrition, sickness is the outcomes though the root cause remains the same, Hunger.

Indian Marriage has always been a bright lavish affair for even the balanced middle class family, who spend their complete life saving lavishly. A wedding is incomplete till the menu is not massively huge. With the vast dishes offered in an Indian wedding, a complimentary system that takes place is nothing but plenty of food that has been getting wasted with every single wedding taking place.

Food Wastage in Indian Weddings


Source: Times of India/ Hindustan times/Huffington post. com

With Indian wedding considered as the biggest source of food wasted, there are several reasons why so much of perishable food is lost or wasted during the occasion. Some of the reasons are that people like tasting everything more than what they take and then the excess of what has already been consumed results in nothing but the wastage of the food.

Let’s get deeper into the numbers to bring to your notice the shocking present scenario 

Food Wastage in Indian Weddings



To elaborate this deeply, check the numbers below:

Food Wastage in Indian Weddings



What can you do to be an Inspiring change?

Food Wastage in Indian Weddings


Let’s Follow the motto of ‘Be the Change to see the change’ and help the needy people to get access of the cooked food which otherwise is being wasted and thrown by restaurants and wedding caterers heartlessly.

‘Annam Parabrahmaswaroopam’

(Food is equal to God as said by our great ancients)

Join this social cause, be the wave to bring the happy change to make India- a hunger free country. Inspired from groups like Refood International, an organization in Portugal, there are groups in our country, Robin Hood Army (RHA) and Feeding India to name a few, who have joined this social cause and have been collecting food and distributing to the needy.

Can we count you as the next one to bring the change?

Annakshetra is yet another initiative, which solely distributes food leftovers from weddings, festivals and other high-class social gatherings.

As per the analysis, in 2012, up to 10,000 people were fed solely on leftovers from 16 weddings held on Akshaya Tritiya alone by the Annakshetra. This seems just the beginning of a big change coming up.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: In Delhi and the National Capital Region alone, around 30 restaurants have been a part of this social cause who not just offer leftover food but also even cook fresh meals for distribution.

If you still haven’t realized the importance of food for the hungry poor, visit the upcoming wedding you have been invited and check around the area where the food is offered and see heaps of food at the corner being wasted. Let that moment be an eye-opener for you to take initiative to join the mass to feed the hungry people.

‘You Waste Life, when you waste Food’~ Katherne Anne Porter

Hence, ShaadiMagic is here to help you with a comprehensive list of the city-wise social worker/organizations, which can help you save food at your next event. PLEASE, PLEASE, distribute food to the poor!

A needy blessing you = going 10 times to temple to pray! Feed a hungry poor= Worshipping God


  1. R.B.Shivakumar:

Contact No: 9844358514


2. Wrap it. Don’t Waste Food:

Contact No: 9600133657

[email protected]  


1. AWB Food Bank:

Contact Person: Dr. B M Abrol

Contact Number: 9810575652

2. Feeding India:

Contact Person: Ankit Kawatra

Contact Number: 9871178810

[email protected]

3. India Food Banking Network

4. Mera Parivar

Contact Number: 0124-4111787

5. Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses

Contact Number: 011-2689 3872

[email protected]

Bangalore, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Kashmir, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Pune

1.Samarpan Foundation:

[email protected]

Delhi/NCR, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pun, Jaipur, Jabalpur

1. Robin Hood Army

Contact Person: Anand Sinha and Neel Ghose


1. GlowTide:

Contact Person: Mustafa Ali Hashmi

Contact Number: 07702209484

[email protected]

2. RHEED (Rural Health Education Employment Development)

Contact Number: 9948203208


1. Annakshetra Foundation

Contact Number: 0141-3221267 (24 hours), 0141-2504604

[email protected]


1. Arham Anna Daan

Contact Person: Nimit Sheth –9821875656

Contact Person: Ritesh Vaid –9867622002

2. Shelter Don Bosco

Contact Number:022-24150562

[email protected]

3. Roney & Obaid

Contact Person: Roney Rodrigues: 098200 95681

Contact Person: Obaid Siraj: 098198 83235

4. Bhookh Relief Foundation



1. Beyond Self:

Contact Number: 9767454545

[email protected]

With social media platforms being the strongest platform in today’s world and with many volunteering initiative groups like these coming up, help us find the NGOs and other organisations that do the service of collecting food and feeding the needy.

Please help us incase you know any other organisation or community who distributes/donates food to the needy people.

This is the most efficient way we can call an Indian wedding a fun-filled occasion by giving something to the society in return too.

Let’s, together help each other by taking the Pledge

NO to food wastage but YES to Food Feeding

Let’s individually, take part in this social cause and together help those who aren’t as fortunate as we are to even get one proper nutrition meal for the day.

~‘Together we can do it, Together we will’~

Image Courtesy: Copyright

By Khushboo Goel

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