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Adventurous Destinations in India


Are you having the mindset to experience good adventure, fly abroad with your beloved? Let me put some effort to change your thoughts at the first place and then, help you choose the right destination for your kind of adventure.

Gone are those days when you only dreamt and imagined the excitement of experiencing the adventurous rides in abroad! In the past few years, Indians are tremendously looking forward for an adventurous trip as a “Break-through vacations” from the ever fast moving life where one has no time to feel relaxed but and be on their toes always. What’s better way to spend good time with your partner post wedding, after you hardly got any time to know the adventure side of each other.

From Para Gliding to Scuba Diving, From Water Sports to Trekking, From Skiing to River Rafting, India will serve you with every kind of fun to have the most memorable beloved time of the duo.

Many people are unaware about the fact the global beauty lies in India itself, which provides you an ample opportunity to create long-term memories in your newly wedded life. If you are one too, being unaware about the places of India, don’t miss this opportunity if you happen to be the adventurous couple.

ShaadiMagic is here to take you on a tour to guide you to the different places providing you with different adventure sport you can experience.

The top Adventure Place


 adventures place, himachal

In Himachal Pradesh, one can explore the fun behind the steep rock climbing and admire the utmost beauty of nature. We bet, you never would have seen the beauty of your own country with such a view.

Love animals?


lovable animal's image

Proceed to Gujarat for spotting the Asiatic Lion at Sasangir. After you check the different animals, you would know the beauty of nature in the true sense.

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An addict of the beauty of nature under water?

andaman island image

The Andaman Islands are scuba divers’ paradise! Are you lucky if you get to experience the beaches of Bali in the value of Indian Rupees?

Who doesn’t wish to freely fly in the air?

kamshat image

Paragliding is just meant for you in Kamshet, Maharashtra. If you always thought, the adventure is stricted towards the North of India, explore Maharashtra state and you will know what all it can offer you to have fun with your partner.

Need more Adventure?

You will definitely love the slopes of the mountains when you ski through the slopes in Solang, Himachal Pradesh. Ski is definitely a must try for a memorable experience.

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Did you miss one more?

download (12)

When are you getting ready for the adrenaline rush and go for River Rafting Thrills down the Ganges, Uttarakhand? Apart from the flower valley it offers, the River Rafting is a must do!

A Long Drive/Ride Freaky?

Road Passes between Manali and Leh.

Lastly, don’t miss out to take the High Road Passes between Manali and Leh. You will drive through the most beautiful scenic mountain sides in the Himalayan Region.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of nature and make the most out of your one beautiful journey of life. Remember, Life gives you many reasons to smile and take many moments from life to have fun too!

Bon Voyage  travelers!

Happy Journey!

Image Courtesy: Google/Pinterest. ShaadiMagic holds no copyright for images.

By Khushboo Goel

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