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A Quick Beauty Fix For Lazy Girls – Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review


Hello Hello Hello ladies!

Its been a while since I have written anything in beauty section and the reason I am doing it today is because I found something really wow-some for ladies like me who are too busy ( read too lazy) for makeup (or anything!).
This one is for those who either want it right now or don’t want it at all, because we are too busy (ahem..ahem) for regular manicures, facials and pedicures. You feel me, right?!
For those of us who keep wet tissues near our bed so that we may not have to wash face in the night and for those whose bff is dry shampoo, this article is for you.

Starting up,  I recently joined BB cream bandwagon. I don’t know why I was so reluctant of it for so long, because for someone like me who has a little dry, and non patchy, average kind of skin – BB cream is wonders!
I bought BB Cream from Revlon Photoready range, because I had heard a lot about it.  I already have a Revlon Photoready Primer and I love it. That’s why I decided to stick with the brand for trying BB cream. There it is –

Revlon BB Cream Review
Revlon BB Cream Review

I bought this one (along with a few other makeup products) in a lazy office afternoon from an E- Commerce Site. I had to go to this wedding of a colleague which was after 3 days, and being a busy (read lazy )woman that I am, I gave the option of running to a beauty store a miss and clicked my mouse .

There was a huge discount going on at that time (around Women’s Day) on online shopping for woman on Jabong,  and so my laziness came as a blessing in disguise and I saved money that could buy me couple of Starbucks treats. But you can go and buy it from your beauty store or anywhere you like. You can find it in 610 INR anywhere but look out for discounts, because there’s nothing wrong in saving a dime each time. (It rhyme <- Wow!  😛 )
Coming back to this product,

It is multipurpose Beauty Balm that combines skincare, makeup, and sunscreen into one step.
There are three shades available and since I have cool undertones (Think Alia), I picked the lightest one. If you have warm undertones (Think Deepika) you should pick the medium one and if you are olive in color (Think Bipasha), go for the darkest one.
If you like a little tanned look, go for one shade darker.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review
Revlon Photoready BB Cream – The Pale Shade

One thing that I liked most was the shades are well thought and made for Indian Skin tones. Like their lightest is not Nicole Kidman lightest, but more Anushka Sharma lightest (Did you get the point?Oh, of course! You did.)
It has a nozzle and a little pea sized drop covers up your face and neck (never leave the neck). It is soft and blends easily. Since my skin is really dry, it provided the much needed sheen – in a go!
But if you have oily skin, it might not go that well for you.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review
Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review

It covered my little blemishes and gave my skin a ‘photo ready glow’, instantly. It covered most of my  light patches and dullness;  but it won’t cover pigmentation, acne, scars, or dark circles, you will need a concealer in that case.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review
Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review
Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review
Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review

Why Did I like it?
Easy to carry, easy to use and have a long stay.
Gives an instant glow and justifies its name.
Has SPF 30 which can act as a great sunscreen.
A boon for super busy days.

What I didn’t like much?
Might not be good for oily skin because of a little sheen that it brings
Doesn’t cover up dark patches
Will I buy it again?
Oh, of course, yes!!

A little side note –
Remember, I told you about a wedding of the colleague in the starting of the blog. It was a day wedding and we were supposed to attend that wedding directly from the office (Yeah! Right) and I only had this BB Cream, a MUA Shade 2 lipstick (review coming soon) and my Kajal in my purse for my rescue.

And these little tools in my arsenal did a very very good job , if not the best. If you have normal or dry skin with a little dullness, I will suggest – Go and Buy this one.

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