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9 Treasures OF TBZ Jewelry


The innovative jewellery served in India by Late Shri Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri and his generation who carried it with a vision of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship is truly an inspirational jeweler. ShaadiMagic has felt glad to add their modern creation of jewelry since 1864 with their roots across India. To be wed must surely know the varied collection of TBZ that serves you as per your culture and tradition as well.

TBZ Dohra

TBZ dhora

A Complete Set Of Jewelry For The Bride To Be

The dohra collection by TBZ is a unique and complete set of jewelry prepared, created and designed for the woman for her wedding. As you can get this exclusive bejeweled set that will not only pair up with your wedding outfit, but also equally work with the other asset of wedding dress. So you can have a better service with an exclusive collection of dohra especially from Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri.

TBZ Gold & Diamond

TBZ gold and diamond

A Royal & Elegant Jewelry For The Wedding Ceremony

We already had a number of collections of gold jewelry for many occasions, but for a change try the new mix style of diamond stud on gold, which is fairly unique, but cannot match any other jewelry design. Like this one in the image with the luxurious design set of emerald, ruby and pearl is really fascinating and unbeatable in the market.

TBZ Show-stopper


Creation Of TBZ For Personic & Iconic Attire Jewelry

An ordinary set of jewelry that comes with a mesh-work of gold, diamonds, beads and pearls for your admirable look gives you a rich appearance. The only collection of show-stopper by TBZ and not much by any other brand so far is grabbing our attention. So, to your elegant look on your wedding day, you can get some good piece of jewelry for your wedding party.

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TBZ Temple

TBZ temple

South Festive Season Jewelry Of TBZ For Bride

Festivals are on the way within the coming month and accordingly you need to get a preferable set of jewelry for the season. Some might love to gift it on the very day itself and some might get ready to design a unique one and make it ready for your dear ones and loved one. As those who have already made up their mind for a classic jewelry that represents a traditional style, must get this for the religious event.

TBZ Gold

tbz gold

TBZ Serves You A Wealthy Look On Gold Jewelry With infinite Designs

Get a well-crafted gold plated jewelry of TBZ because they are worth with its quality and purity with antique carvings. So, when you get a durable gold jewelry which looks expensive in its look for your wedding outfit is what makes you a complete bride of the day. As the brand has got its name because of the creation of Zaveri that has been run from generation to generation is what makes them intelligent and talented in terms of jewelry. What else trustworthy and fact based jewelry you want?

TBZ Diamond

TBZ diamond

A Rich Heritages Diamond Jewelry For Your Wedding Outfit

Diamonds being a precious ornament is a perfect right gift to your life partner who will cherish it, preserve it, carry it, and love it with pride. Because you know that jewelry studded with diamond gives you an elegant look for the wedding occasions that are coming soon within the coming days. You can also get a birthstone jewelry or some Victorian style with crystals on it.

TBZ Azva


A Historic Touch With Modern Cuts Of TBZ

The azva creation by TBZ is completely gold-toned jewelry with shapes streamlined that gives an ancient historic style richness in a modernity. As this picture with its graceful flower replica and white gold gives a new radiant look which can be your wedding jewelry set. One of the intricate designs with fine detailed work is an excellent finishing that can be yours.

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TBZ Solitaire


TBZ Designs Solitaire Jewelry For Your Happiness & Moments

Solitaires are the complete edgy cuts of diamond jewelry that you can look for each other in any style. Probably you can also look for shapes and a specific type of diamond jewelry for your wedding. As you should know the ornaments, that can be copper and bronze as well you need to know which one is trendy and popular to suit you. So, according to the guidance of TBZ in terms of particular metal cut that will suit you, they can be designed and kept ready for your happiest day.

TBZ Platinum

The Edgy Creation Of TBZ Platinum Jewelry

Also, check for some platinum ornament that will surely be best than diamond if it’s your taste. If you are looking for a platinum jewelry, then TBZ has it that are especially for girls. As some people hate being bold and jazzy, so TBZ platinum-silver jewelry is available in its simplest and lesser exaggerative design. One can get a bold broader or wide heavy platinum jewelry as well while this one in the image is the simple one.

This will be not an end of jewelry selection from TBZ instead you will always see something new trendy style in the coming future. They have already come up with a jewelry creation of every state like Kerala style, Gujarati style, Marwar style, Muslim style and Christian style too. So, if you lie in any of this category then you are the lucky ones to get the TBZ jewelry as per your tradition and culture.

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