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6 Secret Ingredients For Perfect Date


We have always wondered what is that one thing that can woo any woman? That perfect time which she wishes for so much. But to tell you the truth, all she want’s is a good time with you where everything is perfect. The sounds, the air, the food everything has to be a reminder for her when she wakes up in the morning and smiles.
Don’t worry if you feel that pulling something like this is difficult. We will help you put together the perfect date for her so that things between you to are never the same, they only get better.

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1- The Perfect Attire

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Yes. Dressing right is above everything. Learn to dress according to the occasion. Know what to wear when you go to a pub and what to wear when you go to a ballroom. She looks after her man who carries himself well enough to expect the same from her. Wear the right perfume, the right accessory and definitely a smile.

2- The Right Place

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Take her to a place where she is not just comfortable but free too. And this my friend only you can decide. Look after her choices, the food she likes, the kind of atmosphere, her personality etc. If you feel she is a fun loving chirpy bird then take her to a nice cafe with music and games but if she is quite and subtle then a classy restaurant is the choice for you.

3- The Right Gift

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Bringing her the right gift is important. She may like a gift just to keep your heart but you don’t want that do you? Spend a little time researching on it. A good women perfume, flowers or chocolates anything would do provided it is apt for you.

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4- The Right Wine

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Choose your drink wisely. Not too light not too strong. Her comfort is something which should be your top priority. Anything strong can lead to anything fun or disaster which you don’t want her to regret later.

5- The Right Food

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Anything would work as long as it has no onions or garlic (for obvious reasons)

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6- The Right Ending

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Conclude your date with the right ending like a walk to her house or maybe a small kiss. You know after all the fun and talking let silence play something.

That’s it folks. Put them all together and here is your perfect date ready!

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By Arushi Tyagi

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