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5 WORST Valentine Day Gifts for Men

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We all do agree with the fact, that it is actually quite hard to get a perfectly perfect gift for our guy and when it comes to some cliched yet special occasion like Valentine’s Day we are so doomed! Yes, they might be not fussy or particular about gifts but they do have an individual taste and preference and we need to know this lady. So, let’s just browse through the points and get it straight that there are certain gifts ideas which you need to enlighten yourself with, so that you do not piss off your men this Valentine season.

Books : Personally, I believe so that not all men are into any kind of books be it self- help books or thoughtful novels. There are always exceptions and if you happen to know his favourite author or favourite novel. Well, if you still insist we can suggest you playboy magazines or erotic novels. How will any guy say no to that? In fact he might fall for you, for this smart gesture.

Beauty treatment : Why on earth would you want your men to spend his V-day week in a parlour with a mask on or maybe for waxing or whatever? See, guys are not fond of beauty care and stuff unlike us. Yes, if he is a metrosexual then fine but I have a feeling no guy would appreciate such a coupon or voucher on the D day.  Since, they are not into self-grooming this can turn to be an awkward moment for both you.

Accessories : Guys don’t buy bling. When it comes to accessories there are as it is not an assorted variety for them. Because right now all I can think about is Watches, Cufflinks and Tie’s. Men do not dress up too much as they like it to keep it under wraps or to rather keep it simple. So, if you get him a big colourful pair of cufflink, he will actually not know to do what with it.

Mushy gifts : The word mushy does not stand in a men’s dictionary. Cuddly soft toys, flowers and stuff are a big no-no! They will never ever want that for a V- day and also on a normal day to be honest. These are too girly for them and it necessarily does not mean whatever we like we expect them to like it too. That is called imposing.

Self-Pictures : Ok, now this applies for both guys and girls. A picture of you as a V- day present? That’s the best you came up with?  What are you ? Narcisist? This is not done. He/ She definitely loves your face and everything about you but you cannot gift your loved one, a picture of yourself as a valentine gift. We need you to be a little less self-obsessed here.

It is an age old tradition to splurge on your loved one on the very happy occasion of Valentine’s Day. But do not forget to pamper him and woo him with all your heart. It is rightly said every day is a valentine’s day when you are in love, so take up this day to do plan up something romantic and special like cook him up dinner or make love to him so that he might cherish the day in the days to come.


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