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5 Veggies You Need To Add On To Your Buffet


A marriage buffet should be always well served without being biased. If your guests are vegetarian then keep at least 5 veggie cuisines for them as listed below. Keep the non-veg food item list and Jain food item listed as well. But make sure that your caterer keeps the food differently from each other. ShaadiMagic says have these 5 veggies added to your wedding buffet than getting complaints like food was not so interesting.

Navratna Korma

Navratna Korma

The word navratna indicates 9 different ingredients like vegetables, fruits and dry fruits that make the dish delightful. However, there are variations on it as well in terms of spices and mixture used to prepare. So, place this Indian cuisine for the guests on your wedding day. Those who never tried will love this food item at the buffet as served with naan, roti or paratha.

Mutter Paneer

Mutter Paneer

It is a north Indian cuisine with a blend of peas, cheese and tomato sauce that has been served with rice or bread like naan, roti, or paratha. Paneer is always good to bite its softness, especially with the ingredient like peas and mixture of spices. Mutter paneer is surely a big must for your wedding buffet. As you can also look for mutter tofu paneer which is just a new variation of Indian foodie added to the appetite of the guest.

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Aam ka Chunda

Aam ka Chunda

Every Indian wedding during the summer season will spot a sweet dish or a cuisine made of mango. It’s a Gujarati sweet and sour pickle made of raw mango, turmeric, and sugar syrup. A complete pulp made of mango that one can have it or try having it with a thepla (a Gujarati dish). As Indian mangoes are available of different types aam ka murabba is just like mango pulp made of a raw mango.

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Shahi Bhindi

shahi bhindi

A rich gravy foodie made of ladies finger with creamy texture is good taste and memorable one for each and every guest. This unique bowl is made of fresh curd, cream, khoya and cashew nut and a blender of other ingredients that makes the food outstanding and mouthwatering. While there some other dish of lady’s finger called Bhindi fry, but in comparison to Shahi Bhindi there no other Bhindi dish.

Bengali Moong Dal Khichdi

There are varied types of dal that differs from one state to another while the other way the style of serving or tasting may be different and unique. So, this too is a well known Bengali dal khichdi that is prepared during Durga puja festival. The blend of this food tastes good because of the garam masala and spices like bay leaf, cinnamon, etc with veggies ingredient and also the pulses that bring the magic into the pot of dal. There is another two style of moong dal khichdi which is being prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Add all these 5 different 5 vegetarian foodies in the wedding buffet. The wedding guests will be surely praising your buffet system with 5 different veggies on their plate. Even a meat lover will love these veggie foodies that have a mixture of so delightful taste.

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