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5 Reasons Why Making Love On Your First Night Is A Good Idea


First Night is a very tricky situation for every newly married couple in India. When you make for the first time it is like opening up your naked souls to each other. You feel the touch of every emotion, and this is something very rare and special. Every married couple agrees to the nervousness and excitement that their wedding night sparked off in them. The day long celebrations might make you feel tired, but there is nothing like the experience of making love on the first night of your marriage. And, at the end of it all, you just want to be in each other’s arms, feel the warmth and forge that intimate bond that will bind you for the rest of your lives.

For a newlywed couple, there is nothing better than making love on your wedding first night. It is a night that every newlywed awaits with anticipation. It could be because you are making love for the first time, or as husband and wife for the first time. Your First night should be memorable, special and unforgettable. Make sure your feelings are spoken about and felt in every move.

Tips :Read the silent expressions on your partners face!!

There Is A Feeling Of Commitment

5 Reasons Why Making Love On Your First Night Is A Good Idea

When you make love to your partner on the very first night of your marriage, the feeling is completely different. It is a feeling of commitment. This is a commitment that you would never want to break, and would you always want to keep. Making love on the wedding night, not only bonds two bodies, but also two souls. It is a beginning of a new relationship, a relationship of understanding! The commitment remains for the rest of your life, when you make love on the first night itself. Make each other feel different, open up to each other and make it the best night of each others life forever.

There Is A Trust Built

5 Reasons Why Making Love On Your First Night Is A Good Idea

Making love on the very first night of marriage, teaches the couple to trust each other. This is not just a one-night stand, but your whole life, that you plan to commit to someone. You may have known this person before tying the knot, but if you trust him or her, is not an easy question to answer. It is this trust that helps two different individuals to be there for each other, through thick and thin, throughout their lives.

There Is A Change In The Way You Care

5 Reasons Why Making Love On Your First Night Is A Good Idea

These are some amazing facts for your first time experiences-

When you love someone, you tend to care for that person. When you make love on the first night of your marriage, it is a similar feeling. When your partner holds you close or looks deep in your eyes, that feeling is unparalleled. You are filled with a rush of emotions which can only be experienced when you feel truly one with your partner. This adds to the strong foundation of your marriage and you start being sensitive about each other’s emotions and feelings. With attachment your care towards each other grows more strong, you both feel attached on a different level altogether.

You Become Sensitive

5 Reasons Why Making Love On Your First Night Is A Good Idea

Making love is not a bumpy ride or about rough moves. It can be a very tender and gentle moment for both of you. As you get intimate with your partner, even a small moan from your partner will matter to you. If it is the first time, the sweetness of the moment that you experience, will only bring you closer. Also, since it is the first time for the both of you, you both are very tender in exploring each other. It is not just a fleeting few minutes where you get to hold each other. You get to explore every inch of your partner.

It Is Your First Night Together

5 Reasons Why Making Love On Your First Night Is A Good Idea

Making love is a very intimate thing, which only you two share. And when you do it for the first time, it becomes your very first adventure together. Making love on the very first night of your marriage this means that you have that one memory, which is only there for both of you to cherish. And, this will mark the start of a very special journey for the couple, as they embark on a lifetime of togetherness.

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So, the joy of making love on the very first night of your marriage is unforgettable. It is a night of excitement, nervousness and sweet love. It is a night that you will always remember, so try to make it special.

Relationships are formed on the basis of true love and emotions. No one can take that away from your partner and you. Hidden emotions will take you no where so open up to each other. Feel free to discuss your discomforts with each other and make your sex life more interesting, enjoyable and more passionate. Making love is like finding pieces of each other that you never knew till now.

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By Shagufta Rahaman.

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