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5 Ideal Cities In India For Couples To live In


Moving in after marriage is a big thing and definitely every couple wants to live in a city that its not just inexpensive and safe, but is also fun enough to make the first year of their marriage complete!
Choosing the ideal city for your job and your spouse is an important task for both the sides because there are a lot of factors that may influence how simple and smooth your living may be (or may not be). Team ShaadiMagic brings to you this simple guide about the top 5 cities in India to live and what all is there that makes it count here!


Top 5 cities of India for couples to live

The city of dreams surely tops this list for things we definitely want and know. Safety, public transport, food, fun and what not. This city serves you everything on a platter. You not just have opportunity to grow here in your life and profession but also in your married life. Take your wifey out for street food, shopping in those posh malls, stroll on the beach and capture infinite memories while you can.
Living here is not that expensive provided you know how to survive here.


Top 5 cities of India for couples to live

The cleanest and the greenest city of India, this place is safe and by all means perfect for living. You don’t only maintain your current lifestyle but upgrade to a better one here. This place has a good weather, stable political situation, good job opportunities and definitely a healthy environment to start off your life with. Also Chandigarh has some really cool hill stations around it for a quick getaway.


Top 5 cities of India for couples to live

Good weather, job and job, good food and a whole new dimension of life is what you get here. Safe to live, culture to never forget and opportunities endless in number.


Top 5 cities of India for couples to live

Nizam surely built this place with great taste. This place has an exquisite life which is simple yet lavish. The cheapest city (property wise) in India, this place can give you probably anything you want.


Top 5 cities of India for couples to live

How can living in the god’s own country not be beautiful and complete? With immensely easy budget, housing and safety, this place is beautiful and close to nature. Fall in love with your partner and this place!

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By Arushi Tyagi

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  1. Mobasir Hassan says

    These articles is surely a hit for newly married couples. All the five destination you have explained in short words are pretty informative. Couple can arrange their visit to one of these cities.

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