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5 Easy To Cook Snacks To Impress Your In-Laws Instantly!


We understand that impressing your mother-in-law may be difficult but it is not impossible right? Food is the way to everyone’s heart. We understand the pressure when you have guests at your place for tea and snacks and how you are unable to cook something at the moment, and then only biscuits have to help their way out.
Team ShaadiMagic got your 5 easy to go and easy to make recipe’s that you can make anytime and impress people anytime you want!

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Fruit Toast

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Well, all you need is your favorite three to five fruits of your choice, bread and an oven. Just spread the fruits on break and toast them in the oven! Healthy and tasty snack ready for you and your guests. Definitely recommended for children.

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Creamy Garlic Broccoli

This dish may sound a little too much because of broccoli but trust us, this is healthy and yummy (yes, don’t just go on cheese!) This snack is easy and definitely new. Just get some cheese, garlic hummus and broccoli.

Fruit Smoothie

5 min snack to impress in-laws

This is an ideal fullfilling anack which can easily replace tea or coffe with it’s taste and health both. Do nothing but get your favorite fruits like bannana, apples, grapes etc, 1 cup orange juice, Puree 1 cup vanilla yogurt and blend untill smooth!

Chatpata Aloo

This snack is a treat to all chatpata lovers. This is definitely one of those snacks which is going to get everybody’s taste bud dancing and in no time of yours!

Bread Paneer Rolls

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Some bread, some paneer ki sabji (left over can do to) and that’s it. Fry them or bake them as a wrap all your wish. This snack is all about time and waste management!

So try these recipes and do thank us later when everybody runs after you to know your seceret! And if you have any such recipes then do let us know and get featured!

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By Arushi Tyagi


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