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3 West Bengal Places And Cuisine You Must Try


Aami Shotti Bolchi! West Bengal and it’s cuisine has some of the most wonderful popularity that will make you feel heaven in places as well as in food in the world. If you are a city dweller with all the materialistic happiness and responsibility, just keep all the stuff aside and adorn this place for a while which makes you realize how busy life you live at your own city is and how peaceful you live in this wanderlust. Well, we really can’t change our life into 360 degrees but, at least spare some time to explore some parts of the places in the world. Have a look on some of these interesting places by ShaadiMagic that you must know and give it a thought to visit whenever you reach here with your bags packed.

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Calmness At Mandarmani Beach

West Bengal Must Visit Places

What if I tell you to have a relaxing time spent on a peaceful clean beach after a long journey? Would you love to have this place? And what if you are bored and you need some thrilling exciting activities like water sports? Would you love to try and enjoy this fun here? So, I hope you know that this place has both the thing peace and sporty chilling. This beach has the quality time for all of you that boozes your energy high through freshness and cleanliness maintained over in this sand.

The Lonely Wildlife Of Dooars

West Bengal Must Visit Places

Turn on your next visit to the lush green nature of wildlife safari. Truly the entire acre of land forest with huts, tribal people, mountains and sounds of the wavy rivers is so mystic that you will definitely love to experience this place. Newly married couples will surely enjoy this place and built up a strong bond. Because, you must know that there is something more beyond than your own life. While you have a jeep safari places you will come to explore are Gorumara Forest, Chilapata Reserve and Bindu. You can also have an Elephant safari in the alone land of Dooars.

See The Cactus Of Kalimpong Town

West Bengal Must Visit Places

Those who have a special interest in planting activity or have a hobby of planting will surely love to visit this place. Probably you will be shocked to know this varied kind of cacti only when you visit a place like this. Also, I would suggest everyone to visit this place which consists of 1500 cactus plant from which blue cactus plant is really beautiful in this cactus garden. This place is perfect for photographer and garden lover. So, if your hubby or wife has an interest then you plan a surprise visit to this place.

Did You Have Mācha OR Śākasabjī

West Bengal Must Visit Places

After having a long trip to these places you need to keep some space in your appetite, and that is why you will surely love some of these mesmerising delicious foodies on your plate. Since the West Bengal state lies beside submarine then, it is definite that you will get to eat all fish dishes. West Bengal is the only place with so mny different variety and style of dishes like ‘machh’er jhol’ OR ‘machhli’ (fish curry), machh’er paturi’, ‘ilish (Hilsha) machh’er jhol’, ‘koi machh’er kalia’, ‘chingri (prawn) macher malaikari’ and ‘pomfret macher jhaal’, etc. And to all veggies there are Potol’er dolma, Shukto, Alu (potato) posto, Phool (cauliflower) kopi’r dalna, etc that will be served to you in an interesting way.

Did You Have Misti?

West Bengal Must Visit Places

Sweet lovers will by heart have this and get parcel packed too and non-sweet lovers will at least have a little bit of taste of trial which is just fine. No. 1 sweet dish is Sandesh which is one of the most popular desserts while No. 2 is Rasgulla OR in Bengali language Rosh Gulla which I really like it and No. 3 is the Mishti Doi a yoghurt sweet, the name itself is quite pretty. Also, adding to this one should try Cham-Cham as well.

All my viewers and readers do go to these amazing places and experience the Bengali lifestyle and their food delights to gather this as your most memorable moment. Trust me, this destination trip of your post-wedding as a couple will be quite different and let you know and understand each other better which is a fact. I really don’t keep any hopes from my viewers and readers but just try to give my confidential opinions and ideas. Rest all is up to your fair decision that will teach you something or the else.

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By – Deeksha Anchan

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