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3 Lucknowi Cuisine Is A Must


Monsoon is such an awesome season that after every two hours I get hunger pangs in my stomach. And so food delights are on its way from every corners of India. There are luxurious hotels and restaurants with every different continental dish that exist and grabs attention in various way. But, this Lucknow Chowk is well famous because of the foodies prepared in this street which is just unbeatable. One must get a tour in Lucknow for the heritage places and destinations like Bara Imambara, Hazratganj, Rumi Darwaza, etc. and lots more places for fun. The foodie chowk of Lucknow with the so much of food delights on the streets and lanes will be surely mouthwatering. After having a look on so many different and varied food, you may get confused what to eat and where to eat or which one is the best. Here are some of the interesting dishes that you must try.

# Tunday Kebab

Special food Delicacies of Lucknow

On the first look, you can make out it is sort f kebab, but the word Tunday has got a historical name and fame due to the person who came up with this kind of dish. The 18th-century man Haji Murad Ali who lost his hand during his childhood after falling from a great height to which everyone called him Tunda a local language. He lived his life for 90 years (1887-1967) has finally established a good name in place by selling this kebab and got this name – Tunday Kebab. Sounds Interesting, right? It just cost Rs.50 meal for two. I am sure you will love the kebab at the first bite with the crispy outer later and softness feel inside it.

# Idris Biryani

Special food Delicacies of Lucknow

After having the crunch of kebab, a plate full of rice with various masala flavours and mutton added to the dish is the perfect wholesome meal. A very interesting thing is that when you get this plate hot served on your table with the tasty smell that reaches your taste buds and you start mouth watering. Trust me you can’t stop yourself even if you are on a diet. You will find this in a small simple hotel that has a name Idris hotel, where you sit and have the dish in front of strangers. Maybe once you start eating you are completely dissolved into the dish in its taste and that is the reason why you just don’t care who is sitting next to you.

# Makhan Malai

Special food Delicacies of Lucknow

Now it’s time to keep some space for a sweet dish. If your stomach is full and you don’t have much place in your belly to try this white melting dish, then I must say you are seriously going to miss this dish forever. So, better have a half an hour walk to eat this intense moist and fluffy bowl. Lovely that silver shine with chopped almonds gives me all the feeling to have more and more, At last you will also get a glass full of milk, another texture of soft thing added to this sweetness. Looks like buy one get one free.

If you are sighting in Lucknow right now and to those who are about to or on the way, then do visit the Lucknow Chowk for these ethnic plates that you must try. I wish these hard working vendors get the opportunity to place their style of plating and preparation at a wedding ceremony. Having a chaat stall on a wedding ceremony will be truly fun and memorable for the guest.

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By – Deeksha Anchan


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