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10 Ways To Indulge In Solace If You Are Having A Bad Day


All of us are quite engaged in our daily routines, personal issues and loads of responsibilities. Sometimes these things take away the real essence of our lives, making things worse. We have prioritized unnecessary things and people too, which puts a lot of negative impact on our lives. But come what may sometimes we just tend to lose all our patience and really feel like de-stressing and having a ‘ME’ time. And it is even necessary.

The best way to de stress yourself and the best mood changer is Self-Indulgence. Yes, it’s all about you and yourself. Everything else is just an add on.

Here are some absolute ways to help you indulge into solace:


The most preferred to way find solace is to be with yourself. You don’t need to fake a smile neither do you have to like that crap. Just leave everything aside and sit in an open place like a balcony or garden. Do not sit in a room, if you do see to it that it has a wide window. This will not only free your mind but also let some fresh air do the mental detox.


This activity will help you in two ways. One, it shall help you in winding up the mess around in your room. Two, it will motivate you towards ‘cleaning’ and‘re-organising’. If you know what we mean, it talks about flushing out the negativity. This is psychologically valid way to find some mental peace.


Food is the way to everyone’s heart. So why not cook your favorite dish by yourself and treat yourself to a healthy and sumptuous meal? Cooking and free your mind from unwanted to thoughts and make you run on your toes to get that perfect taste to your recipe.


What if you don’t look pretty and fresh after this sad gloomy day? Nah, not done.  You can rather visit your favorite salon or even a spa and get yourself some great services done. The massages can get your muscles relaxed, leading to some blood circulation and eventually making up your mood again.


Bollywood and Hollywood have spent billions of bucks on their films and stars for entertaining us. So next time you feel a bit low, scour the web and find some crazy comedy films and yes don’t forget to grab some popcorns.

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Books are man’s best friend. When you have nobody to talk around or hangout with you, dust off the old books in the show unit and find yourself a good read for the day. This is not only mind diverting but also helps you get motivated and feel better.


You don’t need to be a dancer to dance; you just need some music and a place. Boom! Just step onto the dance floor with your feet tapping to the groovy music and your heart pouring out.

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Yes, you read that right. The last but not the least, you should cry out. There is nothing wrong at all to cry. Crying is just an expression of the suppressed emotions you have been bearing all day long. So take the cushion, cry yourself to sleep and trust us you will feel better after waking up.

So do not worry, life is rollercoaster ride which you know you are going to enjoy but when you on it, along with the fun, you also get to have some threats, bumpers and drifts. So just hold back and relax, because it all gets better with time.

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By Savnee Shivalkar 

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